An insight into 2019
The Retro Caravan Club aims to provide club members with a varied events calendar throughout the year. We try to cover the length and breadth of Great Britain and aim to attend two European rallies every year. Members are invited to attend as many rallies as they wish.​​​

The majority of event dates for 2019 have now been launched, there will always be a few more to add as the year goes by. 

We have Area Representatives throughout the UK, although we are still currently looking for an Area Representative for the Ireland. You can see our Area Rep Map below.

For 2019 there are over 40 rallies
to choose from!

Further details are available in the Members Area of the website and in the printed quarterly magazine. Please see your magazine or welcome email for the password which changes every few months.

We do not display rallies on our website due to security reasons. There is a pin map to the left so you can see where we like to travel before becoming a member.
Area Representatives:
South East
James McLean and Natasha Laverton
Home Counties:
Vanessa Goolding
South West
Ben and Michelle Spokes
West Country:
John Shelton and Patricia Palmer
West Midlands:
Christopher Beresford
East Midlands
Ben and Oliver Humphries
East Anglia:
Christina and Paul Girling
Jane and Alan Wathan
North East
Pamela Petre 
Laura and Richard Togwell
​ North West:
Lisa Coxon and Darren Cain
Bill and Patricia McCreath