ECCR - European Classic Caravan Rally
to be held at...

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth's
Sandringham Estate

for the 25th Anniversary of the ECCR.

PE31 6AZ



Sandringham House 

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Tuesday 19th;             
Wednesday 20th;       
Thursday 21st;           

Friday 22nd;          
Saturday 23rd;           


Sunday 24th;               

Monday 25th;              


Arrivals from 9AM
Arrivals 8AM-8PM
Evening entertainment
Arrivals 8AM-8PM
Opening Ceremony
Meet and Greet
Evening entertainment
Family activities
Evening entertainment
Caleidh Band
Open Door Day

Caravan Market
Dinner and Dance

Family activities
Classic Car show
Departures before 1PM
Departures by 1PM


The deposit of £50 is NOT refundable under any circumstances. This includes cancellation or postponement by host or participant. These deposits are taken at the point of booking and by clicking submit you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Any further payment is refundable under the event of cancellation upto 12 weeks before the event.

History of the Event...

In 1996 it all began with the initiative of the French Retro Club.
Traditionally the event is hosted over the Ascension weekend!

70 Vehicles attended from England, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and France.
Now the meeting will attract over 200 vehicles from all over Europe who enjoy the largest gathering.

Past Hosts;

25 - 2020 England          Retro Caravan Club
24 - 2019 Belgium          Belgian Oldtimer Caravan Club
23 - 2018 Germany        Camping Oldie Club
22 - 2017 Netherlands  Oldtimer Caravan Club
21 - 2016 Sweden           Campingveteranerna
20 - 2015 France             Retro Camping Club de France
19 - 2014 Belgium          Belgian Oldtimer Caravan Club
18 - 2013 Germany        Camping Oldie Club
17 - 2012 Netherlands  Oldtimer Caravan Club
16 - 2011 Sweden           Campingveteranerna
15 - 2010 France             Retro Camping Club de France
14 - 2009 Belgium          Belgian Oldtimer Caravan Club


13 - 2008 Germany        Camping Oldie Club
12 - 2007 Netherlands
  Oldtimer Caravan Club
11 - 2006 Switzerland  Camping Oldie Club
10 - 2005 France             Retro Camping Club de France
9   - 2004 Belgium          Belgian Oldtimer Caravan Club
8   - 2003 Germany        Camping Oldie Club
7   - 2002 Netherlands  Oldtimer Caravan Club
6   - 2001 England          Belgian Oldtimer Caravan Club
5   - 2000 France             Retro
 Camping Club de France
4   - 1999 Belgium          Belgian Oldtimer Caravan Club
3   - 1998 Germany        Camping Oldie Club
2   - 1997 Netherlands  Oldtimer Caravan Club
1   - 1996 France             Retro Camping Club de France


Photographs taken at previous events;

Is your Club interested in attending this event?
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Please note the tradition for this event is vehicles to be
over 30 years.
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Stenaline; Caravans go FREE when booking - ENTER THE CODE ; 'CARAVAN'


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