ECCR - European Classic Caravan Rally 2020
to be held at...
Her Majesty the Queens Sandringham Estate
Booking for the ECCR is simple and easy...​​​​​​​​​​

Bookings will close on 1st March 2020.

​There is limited space is available at the event!

As a member of the ECCC (European Classic Caravan Clubs). For 2020 the Retro Caravan Club are hosting the ECCR.

We have chosen one of the most prestigious and outstanding locations in the UK;
We will be positioned within the grounds of Her Majesty the Queens Sandringham Estate, 10 minutes walk from the main house.

There will be full facilities including toilets, showers and Electrics.

Each year the ECCR rotates around member countries.
2019 - Belgium - ??? Caravans
2018 - Germany - 221 Caravans
2017 - The Netherlands - 219 Caravans

For 2020 You can arive from Tuesday 21st May and Leave Monday 25th May. There will be entertainment throughtout the event.


- Tuesday 21st = 

- Wednesday 22nd = 

- Thursday 23rd = 

- Friday 24th = 

- Saturday 25th = 

- Sunday 26th =

- Monday 27th = 

All payments will be made via PAYPAL.
We will NOT accept cash on arrival.
If you do not have PAYPAL, please email.

Prices - Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th

Event camping and meal for 1 Person = £130
Event Camping and meal for 2 Person = £150

Additional nights (Tue, Wed or Mon) = £20 each night.

The payment is non-refundable in the event of a cancelation unless 16 weeks notice is given.

PayPal is the safest and easiest option, if you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay using a CREDIT or DEBIT Card by simply clicking on the paypal link and follow ​ing the instructions for paying by card.

Once you submit your details, you will be redirected to our online payment page.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances is the Retro Caravan Club responsible for wrong details being given!

The Committee.
1st Full Name
Club Membership Number
Additional information
Date of Arrival
I agree my payment is non-refundable.
Phone Number (Including area code)
Electric or non-electric?
Eurotunnel or Ferry
Caravan or Camper
Date of Departure
Make and Model
What Club do you belong to?
2nd Full Name
How many Children?
Please allow 7 working days for your booking to be processed.