About the Retro Caravan Club...

The RCC is now the largest retro, classic, vintage, period and historic caravan club in Europe. Our aim is to promote the use and preservation of classic caravans throughout the UK.

Anyone who has an interest in classic caravans is more than welcome to join. Perhaps you own one already and would like to meet like-minded people and explore the country with your pride and joy, or perhaps you don't have one yet but would like to join the club to get a feel for classic caravanning.


You have come to the right place...



We have a lot to offer our members...

- Over 40 events, both exhibition and social.
- Monthly Newsletter.
- Member only rallies and public display events.

- Two organised rallies in continental Europe each year.
- A quarterly 48 page, full colour magazine giving you all the latest club news, in addition to specialist articles relating to classic caravanning.
- Public Liability Insurance
- Free technical support
- Free historian service
- Free Classified advertisements
- Valuation Service
- Members only Area
- Members only Regalia
- Above all, a friendly group of enthusiasts who
are looking to meet like-minded people.


What do we class as Retro?

We accept all leisure vehicles pre 1990 and define a Retro caravan / camper as being one that has been manufactured before December 1982. The Reason is quite simple; the recession of 1981/1982 saw the end of most of the traditional and long established caravan marques who failed to capture new audiences and subsequently went out of business. By 1982 a new breed of caravans and caravan manufacturing emerged and the traditional hand built caravan as we knew it was a thing of the past as modern materials, production line techniques and mass building took hold. Another big factor in the cut off of 1982 for Exhibition rallies is that glass windows were no longer permitted to be fitted in caravans as of 1983.

We welcome all leisure vehicles, Caravans, motor caravans, folding caravans, trailer tents, motorhomes, campers, American, English, European, Period, Historic, whatever you have, we will welcome you with open arms. We look forward to meeting you on a rally soon.