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This area of the website is currently under construction, we are always looking to offer our members more, please be patient.
We offer our historical archive to our members, which is free to use and browse at their leisure. All content on this website is owned by the Retro Caravan Club, in any cases where the content is not owned by the Retro Caravan Club we have been given permission by the owner to share the content with you. By viewing the content you agree to the terms and conditions. This content is under no circumstances to be shared publicly (such as via social media or blogs), passed on to non-members or copied for means of profit making. Members may use the information to their benefit such as compiling information sheets about their caravans or printing original photos of their caravans for display purposes. The archive is not open to non-members.

Ofcourse as you can imagine, it is impossible to put our full archive online, if you have any further historical enquiries about your vehicle, you need it identifying/dating, please contact the historian at

We have several experts in the Club, we do not say we know everything, who does? However if we do not know we have the contacts for those people who will.

The Archive location will change with every new magazine. So long as you are a paid member of the Retro Caravan Club, you will always have access to the archive.

To access, please email for access or refer to your last magazine. 

This page is innactive, to view the Retro Caravan Club historical archive you must be a member of the Retro Caravan Club.
If your a member, please send an email to to request access or see inside your latest magazine.

Its always interesting to see historical photographs and documents of your caravan, therefore we hope you will find the information you require, if you cannot, do not hesitate to contact us.
Sprite Caravans 1949-1982
Sprite Caravans 1949-1982
Sprite Caravans 1949-1982