AGM Voting
Here is how we are giving all members the chance to vote, even if you cannot make it to the AGM in person.
This is the first time we, as a new club, have held our AGM. Typically this is held every 12 months, however we decided to hold the first AGM 18 months after founding the Retro Caravan Club. There are many reasons to this, but the main reason is that we wanted to be able to give you, the members, the vital statistics which show the club's growth within the first six months of the second year. These vital statistics include membership renewals, which is very important to show the growth of the club.
There is a simple and easy process to putting forward your ideas and casting your votes:
1) Fill in the form on this page, the most important information is your Name, Membership Number and Post Code. Without this information your votes will not be counted. 
2) Once you have filled out the form, please click submit. 

Please make sure that you specify whether you want to be contacted regarding your decisions, as in a lot of cases we would like feedback.

You will then receive a confirmation email within approxtimately  48 hours from the Retro Caravan Club. Allow longer for weekends. This confirmation email will just be to tell you that we have received your information.

It is very important for us to listen to our membership.
  Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on a rally site.

There can only be one vote per membership.

Please simply type 'For' or 'Against' next to each name, with a short comment as to why.
If you vote 'Against' please put forward a name for the position.

The Committee.
Any issues please contact us at
Full Name
Membership Number
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Email Address
Chairman - Christopher Beresford
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Vice Chair's - Colin and Julie French
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Secretary - Jane Wathan
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Membership Secretary - Pamela Petre
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Treasurer - Cameron Burns
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Magazine Editor - Cameron Burns
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Webmaster - Christopher Beresford
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